Department from 1985

National University of Pharmacy

Organic Chemistry department from 1985

The head of the department is an associate-member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State prize-winner in the field of science and technology, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, Honoured inventor of Ukraine, Honorary citizen of Kharkov, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry,

professor Chernykh Valentin Petrovich

1985 – 1986 – the department starts working on creating the courseware. With publication of the first textbook on organic chemistry in the NUPh the era of creating textbooks for all pharmaceutical subjects and specialities of the pharmaceutical branch used by higher schools of Ukraine was started; thus, a stable basis for qualitative training of future specialists has been laid.

The compex of teaching materials has been created

– the text-book “Organic chemistry”

– manual on organic chemistry with theoretical tasks for class and out-of-class work

– texts of lectures

– lecture course on organic chemistry by V.P. Chernykh

– organic chemistry tests collection

– according to the results of the All-Ukrainian competition “The Best Domestic Product of 2013” as a part of the annual state exhibition “Colourful Ukraine” in Kyiv the National University of Pharmacy was awarded by the medal in the category “Education” for development of teaching materials in “Organic chemistry”discipline created by the team of authors under the supervision of the rector of the National University of Pharmacy Chernykh V.P.

Publications were in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

1990 – professor V.P. Chernykh defended the second doctoral thesis and became Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Chemistry.

1997 – professor V.P. Chernykh was elected as an associate-member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

2002 – professor V.P. Chernykh began to give master class lectures

1998 – the department was approved as leading in teaching organic chemistry in pharmaceutical higher schools and faculties.

Organic chemistry is taught in the following specialities: “Pharmacy”, “Clinical pharmacy”, “Technology of pharmaceuticals”, “Perfumery and cosmetics drug technology”, “Biotechnology”, “Laboratory diagnostics”.

2000 – the text-book “Organic chemistry” by the authors V.P. Chernykh, B.S.Zimenkovsky, I.S.Gritsenko (3 volumes set) won the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.
Under the supervision of professor V.P. Chernykh the following research work is carried out at the department: the purposeful synthesis of novel biologically active substances, which are derivatives of dicarboxylic acids and their transformations to heterocyclic compounds with masked pharmacophores of the dicarboxylic origin; the study of polyfunctional reagents cyclization routes, synthesis of assembles of heterocycles and condensed heterocyclic structures; development of preparative synthetic methods for obtaining novel medicinal substances; the study of the “structure–biological activity” relationship of the compounds synthesized; development of “green” and eco-friendly technologies for drug production.

Under the supervision of professor V.P. Chernykh:

– 14 doctoral theses have been defended, among them:

Bezugly P.O. (1981), Gaydukevich O.M. (1981), Kabachny V.I. (1985), Makurina V.I. (1987), Gritsenko I.S. (1992), Kovalenko S.M. (1993), Shemchuk L.A. (1999), Merzlikin S.I. (2004).

– 42 Candidate’s theses have been defended.

– More than 600 articles and more than 500 abstracts have been published.

– 341 Certificates of authorship of the USSR, 114 patents have been received.

– Original medicines have been developed

Glysulfasid, Analben, Peronix, Succifenate, Diacamph