Student Scientific Society

Student Scientific Society (SSS) of the Organic Chemistry department

created in 1962

For the time of its existence

250 students

took part in it

160 reports

were made

75 graduation works

were performed

  • The student’s scientific society of the Organic Chemistry department was created in 1962 under the supervision of the head of the department, professor Petunin P.O. The first members of the student’s scientific society were Chernykh V.P. (1962) and Bezugly P.O. (1963).
  • The first student’s scientific work “Oxanyl-norsulfazole” was performed by the 4th year student Chernykh V.P. (scientific supervisor: professor Petunin P.O.). At the same year the work was presented for the University student conference, and then for the Municipal contest where it was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Kharkov regional Ukrainian Leninist Young Communist League committee.
  • The first author’s certificate for the method of obtaining (“Method for obtaining N-dialkylaminoethyloxamic acids esters” by P.O. Petunin, V.P. Razuvaeva, P.O. Bezugly // Author’s certificate of the USSR No.202161, appl.field 17.06.1966, publ. 14.09.1967 Bull. of Inventions of the USSR 1967, No.19) was obtained by Bezugly P.O. in 1967.
  • The former members of the student’s scientific society became PhDs; they are Chernykh V.P., Bezugly P.O., Avdonin O.D., Petunin G.P., Bondarchuk I.I., Sukhomlinova I.O., Gridasov V.I., Drugovina V.V., Gritsenko I.S., Kabachny V.I., Shemchuk L.A., Chuvurin O.V., Solo Anri Marselen (Madagascar), Abdul Malik Chaudhry (Bangladesh), Snitkovsky Ye.L., Polulyahova L.A., Andreeva L.A., Kommunr Mikah (Tanzania), Zubkov V.O., Kovalenko Sv. M., Bylov I. Ye., Vlasov S.V., Parkhomenko O.O., Kolesnikov O.V., Arzumanov P.S., Red’kin R.G., Fedosov A.I., Podolsky I.M., Kovalenko S.S., Tsapko T.O., Levashov D.V., Shynkarenko P.Ye.
  • Chernykh V.P. (Doctor of Pharmacy – 1977, Doctor of Chemistry – 1987), Bezugly P.O., Kabachny V.I., Gritsenko I.S., Chuvurin O.V., Shemchuk L.A., Zubkov V.O. defended Doctor’s theses.
  • Chernykh V.P. and Gritsenko I.S. won the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology in 2000 for the text-book “Organic chemistry” (3 volumes).
  • Chernykh V.P. was awarded the title of the associate-member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • In the academic year of 2013-2014 the members of the student’s scientific society are the II-IV year students of specialties “Pharmacy”, “Technology of drugs” and “Biotechnology”.
  • The students of the SSS work under the supervision of the associate-member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professor Chernykh V.P., professor Shemchuk L.A., professor Kovalenko S.M., associate professor Vlasov S.V., teaching assistant Levashov D.V., post-graduate student Lega D.O.
  • The student of the 4-th year Krolenko K.Yu. became the winner of the 1-st round of the All-Ukrainian student competition in natural sciences, engineering and the humanities for students of higher schools in the academic year of 2012-2013 with the work “Development of the methods for synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives modified with the piperidine fragment in position 2”.

 The SSS of the department in the 70-s

Mohamed Yusuf Nur (Somalia), 1974.

 Vladimir Kabachny — the member of the SSS (1975)

The student Leonid Shemchuk with Nadezhda Nikolaevna Valyashko, the scientific supervisor of his graduation work (1978)

 Dirk Brandt (GDR – German Democratic republic) 1978.

Michal Birke (GDR – German Democratic republic) 1978.

Ladislav Gazdosh (Czechoslovakia) 1979.

Yevgeny Snitkovsky (the report at the scientific conference 1981)

The members of the SSS of the department and scientific supervisers Gritsenko I.S., Shemchuk L.A., Petunin P.O. (1986)
Associate professors Shemchuk L.A., Kolesnikova T.O. with a graduate student of the department Anatoly Shkarlat (1988)

Dmitry Lega and Al Asri Jamil (Yemen), the members of the SSS of the department in the laboratory 2009.

The workshop “Synthesis of physiologically active substances” of the student scientific conference, 2011.