Research area

The research work is carried out under the supervision of the Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry, professor V.P. Chernykh.

The purposeful synthesis of novel biologically active substances, which are derivatives of dicarboxylic acids and their transformations to heterocyclic compounds with masked pharmacophores of the dicarboxylic origin; the study of polyfunctional reagents cyclization routes, synthesis of assembles of heterocycles using reactions with the principally novel mechanisms; research of multicomponent and “domino”-reactions; development of optimal preparative methods for obtaining novel medicinal substances; application of modern instrumental methods for electronic and three-dimensional structure investigation together with the study of reactivity and mechanisms of chemical transformations of the compounds synthesized; development of “green” and eco-friendly technologies for pharmacologically active substances production; combinatorial chemistry methods development; the pharmacological activity potential prediction using the most recent computational algorithms; microware-assisted organic synthesis; application of carbon nanotubes for controlled drug-delivery.


D.V. Levashov, V.P. Chernykh, S.V.Vlasov, L.A. Shemchuk, Yu.А. Shengof, О.S. Krys’kiv are in scientific laboratory No.1 of the Department (4, Valentynivska str.) (2010)