Department 1962 – 1985

National University of Pharmacy

Organic Chemistry department

1962 – 1985

Head of the department – Doctor of Chemistry, professor Petyunin Pavel Alexeevich

• The academic activities, approach to giving lectures and conducting laboratory classes fundamentally changed.

• P.А. Petyunin masterfully gave lectures, with a great devotion to science without referring to his notes, dazzling the students with excellence and sophistication in presenting the material. Such approach to the lecture material presentation became the standard practice in the Kharkov Pharmaceutical institute and then in the National University of Pharmacy.

• The department became leading in teaching organic chemistry in medical and pharmaceutical higher schools of the country.

• All educational and methodological literature on organic chemistry for pharmaceutical higher schools and faculties was reviewed by the Organic Chemistry department of KhPhI.

• 1977 –“Methodical Guidelines for practical classes in organic chemistry” (authors N.N. Valyashko, V.P. Chernykh, I.P. Bannyi, T.O. Kolesnikova, I.I. Bondarchuk) edited by professor P.А. Petyunin were published.

• 1982 – 1986 – teachers of the department took part in preparation and holding Republican and All-Union competitions on chemistry among the students of medical and pharmaceutical higher schools.

• 1962 – for the first time in the Kharkov Pharmaceutical institute the Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) was founded at the Organic Chemistry department; it opened doors to Big Science for many young people and became a serious trial to check their abilities and opportunities.

• The first participants of the SSS were Chernykh V.P. (1962), Bezugly P.O. (1963), Ruzhnikov V.N. (1964), Avdonin А.D. (1965)

• 1976 – the department starts training the scientific personnel for foreign countries (Egypt, Chad, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Lebanon, Sudan).

Under the supervision of professor P.А. Petyunin a fundamentally new scientific approach originated – synthesis of biologically active compounds in the range of oxamic acids and the products of their transformation, creation of theoretical basis for purposeful search of medicines.

Synthetic research developed in the following directions:

– amides and hydrazides of oxalic acid

– chemistry of magnesium amines

– chemistry of heterocycles

– a new approach to creation of drugs of cation anionic action was proposed

• Professor P.А. Petyunin was the founder of scientific schools in the Perm Pharmaceutical Academy and the National University of Pharmacy.

• Under the supervision of professor P.А. Petyunin 10 doctoral theses have been defended, among them: Chernykh V.P. (1977), Sukhomlinov A.K. (1980), Petyunin G.P. (1981), Bolotov V.V. (1987), Pavliy O.I. (1990).

32 Candidate’s theses have been defended.

• 380 articles and abstracts for scientific conferences, congresses, symposia have been published.

• 49 Certificates of authorship of the USSR and 2 patents have been received.

• Original medicines have been developed: Ortonal, Nikofezon, Nikofezon hydrobromide, Glyoxamide, Phenocridine, Anthroxamate, Benzacone, Oxaglucamine, Oxadiglucamine.