Department 1805 – 1921

National University of Pharmacy

Organic Chemistry Department

1805 – 1921

1805 – At the Imperial Kharkov University the pharmaceutical laboratory was created in the pharmaceutical department of the medical faculty.

1805–1814 – The Department of Chemistry and Metallurgy was founded. Its first head was Ferdinand Ivanovich Giese (Johann Emanuel Ferdinand Giese), professor from Prussia, the well-known scientist in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical science, a pharmacist by education.

In his work “Chemistry of organic substances” for the first time he proposed the classification of organic substances:

  • Starch
  • A substance that is similar to starch
  • Tragacanth gum (Traqanthuum)
  • Mucilage
  • Gum
  • A semolina substance
  • A sugar substance
  • A bitter coffee substance
  • An acrid substance
  • An acrid fat-like substance

1806–1811 – he published “Manual in pharmacy” (“Lehrbuch der Pharmacie”).

1813–1817 – he published “General chemistry for those who teach and those who are taught” in 5 volumes – the only practical guide for higher schools in Russia and Europe.

1817 – he discovered quinine and described the method for obtaining quinine sulphate.

1816–1835 – the department was headed by the first Russian professor of chemistry I.I. Sukhomlinov.

1835 – teaching of chemistry was conducted at the department of chemistry and chemical technology.

1839–1842 – organic chemistry was separated from general chemistry to an independent discipline (professor V.I. Lapshin).

1842–1847 – professor P.P. Einbrodt taught all branches of chemistry.

1847–1855 – the department was headed by А.I. Khodnev – the first professor who worked in the field of organic chemistry.

Achievements of the scientist:

put forward a hypothesis about the structure of organic compounds long before the theory of А.M. Butlerov, for the first time he used the term “the chemical structure”.

1856 – 1865 – lectures on organic chemistry were given by professor N.N. Beketov.

The course was called: “A special course of organic chemistry and the interrelation of physical and chemical phenomena”

1865–1871 – the department was headed by professor of the course А.N. Garnich-Garnitsky.

1871 – 1902 – the department was headed by professor G.I. Lagermark, he delivered the course of organic chemistry and was the head of the organic division of the chemical laboratory.

1899 – 1901 – he was the rector of the Imperial Kharkov University.

1868 – 1889 –the University graduate, professor А.P. Eltekov worked at the department.

1877 – he discovered “the regularity, according to which alcohols containing the hydroxyl group at the carbon atom with double bond are irreversibly converted to isomeric saturated aldehydes and ketones” (Eltekov rule).

1894 In the University there was the independent chemical section, which included two departments of:

organic chemistry (headed by professor G.I. Lagermark) and inorganic and analytical chemistry (headed by professor I.P. Osipov).

1903 – 1913 – the head of the department was professor А.А. Albitsky, he organized a new laboratory of organic chemistry.

1915 – 1929 – the head of the department was professor К.А. Krasusky.