324534535454-1Head of the department: Shemchuk Leonid Antonovich


Doctor of Chemistry, professor. He graduated from the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (1978, now it is the NUPh) where he has been working since 1980: post-graduate student (1980-1984), teaching assistant (1980-1986), associate professor (1986-2001), professor of the Organic Chemistry Department (since 2001).

Professor Shemchuk L.А. supervised 6 Candidates of Sciences (PhDs), currently he is a supervisor of 4 post-graduate students, as well as 7 master's and 13 diploma theses. L.А. Shemchuk is the author of more than 250 publications, including more than 90 articles in scientific journals, about 30 learning and teaching materials, 2 certificates of authorship of the USSR, 5 patents of Ukraine for inventions and utility models.

As an achievement in teaching and methodical work he has more than 30 academic publications. He is the co-author of such manuals as “The study guide to laboratory classes and seminars in organic chemistry” for students of pharmaceutical higher schools (faculties) (1989 – in Russian, 1991 – in Ukrainian), “Organic chemistry tests collection” (2008), “Organic chemistry. Short lecture course”, “Applied infrared spectroscopy” (in Ukrainian and English, 2014); “Organic chemistry. Tests with explanations” (in Ukrainian and English, 2015).

Leonid Antonovich Shemchuk was awarded the title "Honored teacher of the NUPh” (2009). He was the diploma winner of the regional competition "Higher school of Kharkiv – the best names" (2001, 2002), awarded by Honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, the Ukrainian chemical society, the NUPh. In 2015 he received a scholarship of the state administration in the field of science named after N. A. Valyashko (in pharmacy).






Head of the department (1985 – 2015): Chernykh Valentyn Petrovich

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry, professor, rector of the National University of Pharmacy, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, Honoured inventor of Ukraine, Honorary citizen of Kharkov. Orders of He was awarded with the Badge of Honor Order, Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1986), Merit of the І-st (2004), ІІ-nd (2000), ІІІ-d classes (1996), Cavalier of the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the V class (2007), and the ІV class (2010); such orders and medals as “Excellent Worker of Public Health” (1985), “Excellent Worker of Education” (1992), “Inventor of the USSR” (1985), “Petro Mohila” (2005), “Slobidskaya Slava” (2004); Diplomas of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2005), the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine (2000), the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine (1996, 1999, 2000, 2002), the Pharmaceutical Association of Ukraine (1999, 2001), the Kharkiv State Regional Administration (2004).

According to the “Panacea” annual rating V.P. Chernykh was ranked as the best specialist of the pharmaceutical branch (2001), the Outstanding scientist (2002), the Public figure of the Year (2008); “Kharkovite of the Year – 2008”, a laureate of “Kharkovite of the century 1900-2000” rating; his name was in the book “The Glory of Slobidskaya Land” (2001), the portrait of V.P. Chernykh was placed on the Alley of Glory at All-Union exhibition of the National Economy Achievements of the USSR. In 1999 the International Bibliographic Center together with the American Bibliographic Institute recognized V.P. Chernykh as one among 500 of the most influential and outstanding scientists of the world (1999). He is the author of text-books and manuals for students such as “Organic chemistry”, “Lectures on organic chemistry by V.P. Chernykh”, “Organic chemistry basic lecture course”, “Organic chemistry. Short lecture course”, “Practical manual on organic chemistry” published in Russian and Ukrainian languages, “Organic chemistry tests collection”.







Teaching Staff


1. Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Chemistry, Doctor of Pharmacy, prof. Chernykh V.P.

2. Doctor of Chemistry, prof. Schemchuk L.A.

3. Candidate of Chemistry, assoc. prof. Shemchuk L.M.

4. Candidate of Pharmacy, assoc. prof. Kovalenko Z.I.

5. Candidate of Chemistry, assoc. prof. Shpychak T.V.

6. Candidate of Chemistry, assoc. prof. Goryachy V.D.

7. Candidate of Pharmacy, assoc. prof. Boryak L.I.

8. Candidate of Chemistry, assoc. prof. Starchikova I.L.

9. Candidate of Chemistry, assoc. prof. Orlenko I.V.

10.Candidate of Pharmacy, assoc. prof. Bylov I.Ye.

11.Candidate of Pharmacy, assoc. prof. Brizitskaya O.A.

12.Candidate of Pharmacy, assoc. prof. Sytnik K.M.

13.Doctor of Pharmacy, assoc. prof. Vlasov S.V.

14.Candidate of Pharmacy, assoc. prof. Arzumanov P.S.

15.Candidate of Pharmacy, teaching assistant Levashov D.V.

16.Candidate of Pharmacy, teaching assistant Lega D.A.

17. Candidate of Pharmacy, teaching assistant Syumka Ye.I.


Employees of the Department


1.senior laboratory assistant Khmara V.N.

2.senior laboratory assistant Tsapko O.A.

3.senior laboratory assistant Deminova S.O.

4.senior laboratory assistant Ulanova N.O.

5. senior laboratory assistant Lutai A.A.